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Writer and teacher Stephen Lamb is head of brand at River Cottage and author of Curing & Smoking, a book about charcuterie  and published by Bloomsbury. He’s rated Hensons as one of his Top 4 […]

Chef Eric Chavot, Brasserie Chavot: “Hensons has perfected the brining process, with the right balance of saltiness just right and the flavour far superior to any other. The consistency of the meat is amazing.”

Heston Blumenthal’s The Perfectionist Café – Hensons Famous Salt Beef Hensons is served  as a Slow-Cooked Warm or Cold Salt Beef Sandwich and is served on thick rye bread with mustard and dill pickles

Raymond Blanc’s Brasserie Blanc – Blanc Brasseries served Hensons Famous Salt Beef on its entrée menu offering it as a warm salt beef salad with sweet picked grelot onions and gherkin, baby cabbage and mustard […]

Clive Fretwell, executive chef director, Brasserie Blanc, said: “Hensons Famous Salt Beef is perhaps the best salt beef available in the UK. A big thank you to chef Eric Chavot, who introduced me to it.”

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Hensons Salt Beef

All-day dining

Salt beef is incredibly versatile and can star in mains and appetisers – with no waste. Here are a few ideas: Rise and Shine – Serve as a delicious breakfast hash replacing corned beef for […]

Hensons Pastrami

Pukka Pastrami

Everyone loves Hensons Famous Salt Beef so much that we launched Hensons Pastrami. Pastrami uses the leanest part of the brisket – cured in our low-salt brine recipe. After curing, we add pepper, garlic and […]

Pulled Beef


Hensons Famous Salt Beef is now available in an on-trend but equally yummy ‘pulled’ version. Ready cooked and pulled, it’s easy to portion and takes seconds to warm in a microwave for juicy sandwiches with […]

Big beef dinner

It’s A Mash Up

No boast but this is better than a roast and easier to cook and plate. Serve up chunky slices of juicy hot salt beef with creamy mash, your favourite roasted roots and a drizzle of […]

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