BBQ Salt Beef. It’s so Delicious!

Hensons Famous Salt Beef is the fabulous cover star of Delicious magazine’s July issue. Fronting a feature called the ‘new barbecue’ is a super summer salt beef recipe by Delicious’ Food Editor Rebecca Woollard. Rebecca said,  ‘We think salt beef is going to be a big hit on barbecues this summer: try it, it’s fabulous.’

Her recipe – Sticky Stout Glazed Salt Beef with Chimichurri, shot by photographer Gareth Morgans – shows again just how versatile salt beef is.

Other ‘new barbecue’ recipes included the scrummy-looking Brown Sugar and Chili Chicken Wings and Chinese-style Sticky Pork Ribs – but you know which dish gets our vote.

Look out for the recipe – we’ll be posting it soon. If you can’t wait, go grab a copy of Delicious now.