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Delicious mags BBQ salt beef recipe

Last month, Hensons Famous Salt Beef featured on the cover of Delicious magazine in a fabulous summer BBQ dish. The recipe – Sticky Stout Glazed Salt Beef with Chimichurri – was devised by Delicious’ Food […]

Hensons Salt Beef

All-day dining

Salt beef is incredibly versatile and can star in mains and appetisers – with no waste. Here are a few ideas: Rise and Shine – Serve as a delicious breakfast hash replacing corned beef for […]

Big beef dinner

It’s A Mash Up

No boast but this is better than a roast and easier to cook and plate. Serve up chunky slices of juicy hot salt beef with creamy mash, your favourite roasted roots and a drizzle of […]

Brazilian Feijoada

A traditional Brazilian bean and meat stew that uses salt beef, or ‘carne salgada’. Recipes will vary between families across Brazil, Portugal and other regions. Ingredients 500g  Hensons Famous Salt Beef 250g pork shoulder 500g […]

Colombian Pusundao

This traditional Colombian dish is often served with sliced boiled egg on top. You can also serve with rice, avocado and hot sauce on the side. Ingredients 500g Hensons Famous Salt Beef 16 pieces of […]

Rise and Shine With Salt Beef Hash

Replacing corned beef with Hensons Famous Salt Beef for a breakfast hash takes this morning treat from good to great.   Ingredients 800g peeled potatoes cut to large roast potato size 2 medium onions peeled and […]