Pulled Beef

Hensons Famous Salt Beef is now available in an on-trend but equally yummy ‘pulled’ version.

Ready cooked and pulled, it’s easy to portion and takes seconds to warm in a microwave for juicy sandwiches with your favourite bbq sauce and dressings. Use warm or cold  in salads, starters and mains – it’s the perfect topping for a baked potato.

Available in 1kg trays for £12 with a shelf life of 21 days unopened (three opened), Hensons Famous Pulled Salt Beef is a super convenient way for smart-casual outlets, pubs, delis and restaurants to serve salt beef to customers.

The southern US trend for slow-cooked pulled meats has become a favourite in the UK with pulled pork followed by pulled chicken and pulled beef.

A number of Hensons’ customers are cooking Hensons Famous Salt Beef and ‘pulling’ it themselves. The Brass Rail is serving it pulled with a sweet bbq sauce, Swiss cheese, gherkins, tomatoes and sweet relish in a bialy roll that’s similar to a bagel but baked rather than boiled. Food critic Jay Rayner called The Brass Rail’s Bialy Roll “a hell of a sandwich”.