Salt Beef Bubble and Squeak

salt beef bubble and squeak

For something a little different, try Richard McIntyre’s recipe for salt beef bubble and squeak – a great dish for brunch menus. Richard says: “The only problem with cooking this tasty brunch dish is that you rarely have enough leftovers to meet the demand for it without serious forward planning, and many times I’ve had to cook cabbage and potatoes from scratch in the panic that is the morning. That’s a pity because it really is a dish that loves day­-old leftover potatoes. For the ultimate luxury try combining some leftover Dauphinoise with an equal quantity of mash, the secret always being to mix solid potatoes with mash to hold the whole thing together. It’s best to make a large batch, then fry off individual portions because it needs flipping over two or three times, similar to cooking a Spanish Tortilla de Patatas…but without the egg, so keep it small!”



  • 800g cooked potatoes (type not too important, but some should be in whole pieces before you start)
  • Half a small Savoy or similar cabbage, de­stalked, chopped small and cooked (leftover purple sprouting is a great variation)
  • 350g slow­cooked Hensons Salt Beef (ideally falling easily into pieces when pulled apart; it needs to be cut/crumbled into small pieces) butter, ground black pepper and salt.




Makes a brunch dish for 4

  • Mix all the main ingredients plus pepper in a bowl; check for salt, you’ll almost
    certainly need some. If you’ve a very large frying pan you should manage to cook all
    4 together because they need some thickness at the expense of diameter, otherwise
    split between 2 pans. Divide the mix into 4 squeaks. Melt a tablespoon of butter per
    two and either press firmly into buttered rings (which helps hold everything together at
    the start of the cooking process) or just pile into neat mounds. Begin cooking on a
    very moderate heat.
  • Gradually press the patty down and shape if not using a ring, aiming to form
    something that holds together by the finish. Turn at least twice during what should be
    a 6 or 7 minute cook.
  • Both sides should be browned with a modest crust. Top with a fried egg and serve a quality ketchup at the table to accompany.