In the 1970s Hensons developed a new brine mixture for curing salt beef,  throwing out high-sodium ingredients including explosive saltpetre – the stuff that makes fireworks go bang. Hensons’ top secret cure is a low-sodium recipe that is delicately balanced to create a modern taste and texture. Expertly trimmed briskets, with just the right amount of fat retained for cooking, are submerged in the cure, made with pure well-water from Thurles in Tipperary, for a number of days depending on size.

Once cured, Hensons Famous Salt Beef is vacuum-packed with a little fresh brine ready for delivery. The result is salt beef that’s healthier than the original and  deliciously juicy. Chef Eric Chavot, Brasserie Chavot said “Hensons has perfected the brining process, with the right balance of saltiness just right and the flavour far superior to any other. The consistency of the meat is amazing.”